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Al - Araqib village

The village Al - Araqib is a arab  bedui settlement in the Negev desert that is unrecognize by the Israeli authorities.

it is being supported by human rights activists, among them Jessica.

Among the many areas in which Jessica is active, the most impressive achievement is her ability to influence the resilience and inspiration for the struggle and the emotional support she provides to the residents of  Al - Araqib, through the initiatives for protest activities, active support in the execution of art projects in which she participates the residents of the village through the world of painting, in her consistent preoccupation with the tragedy of the residents of the village as a central theme in her works and their publication on the various platforms and in providing an emotional response to the residents' plights while expressing solidarity and human respect towards them in hosting them in her home and in her visits to the village. Its activity with the residents is a direct source of the residents' strength in their most difficult moments in the face of the rapacity and brutal violence of the state's enforcement forces towards them

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we build art to rebuild

they also destroy art
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about me


Jessica Sharon, 41, was born in Argentina and grew up in the post-dictatorship era which left an imprint on her life. Studied philosophy and political science and was a social activist in human rights organizations. Immigrated to Israel in 2002, and in 2010 graduated from the Bezalel Acadamy of Arts & Design. Nowadays teaches painting and continues her social activism.

ג'סיקה שרון בת 41 ילידת ארגנטינה, גדלה בתקופה שלאחר הדיקטטורה שהותירה בה חותם להמשך חייה. למדה פילוסופיה ומדעי המדינה והייתה פעילה חברתית בארגוני זכויות אדם. בשנת 2002 עלתה לארץ, וב-2010 סיימה את לימודיה במחלקה לאומנות בבצלאל. כיום מלמדת ציור וממשיכה במעורבות חברתית.

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