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Abraham Hostel is proud to present “CARNE”, a solo exhibition by artist and social activist Jessica Sharon. CARNE, meaning “meat” in Spanish, deals with the status, role and representation of women in the media world of the 20th century.

The exhibit consists of 80 paintings depicting scenes from films, TV series and advertising from the 1950’s to present time. The images depict the use of the female body as a form of propaganda; Media uses women as a tool to establish a patriarchal culture that aims to preserve male’s position in society as dominant and strong, and woman's place as passive and weak.

Jessica recalls her childhood memories of growing up in Argentina: "In the 80’s and 90’s we would watch prime time TV shows that portrayed women as sexual objects. Objectifying was a form of entertainment. The female characters were somehow always involved in violence or eroticism and sex. One segment called "The Girl" (La Nena) featured a girl who would come to the newsstand seller to show him her bottom.

The women who are exploited and weakened in the media receive the opposite treatment in my works – they are portrayed as strong and determined in the way they sacrifice their dignity and body, and in playing the victims of the system of male hegemony in our collective subconscious. To me they are heroines."

Opening eve will take place on Thursday 10/10 at 20:00
Floor (-1) Galleries
Abraham Hostel
21 Levontin St., Tel Aviv
Exhibition closes on Saturday night 02/11

The exhibition is open daily from 10:00-20:00

- Free entrance! -

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